The program involves one year of study, which consists of:

  • Participation in a weekly 1.5 hour didactic seminar (15 sessions throughout the fall semester).
  • Participation in weekly 1.5 hour group supervision during which candidates present their supervisory work (35 sessions over the fall & spring semesters).
  • Supervision of two candidates in the Adult Training Program in Psychoanalysis and Comprehensive Psychotherapy (minimum of 30 sessions per candidate).
  • Participation in individual supervision with a senior supervisor (20 sessions over the fall & spring semesters).
  • Participation in the twice-yearly evaluation process of supervisees at the supervisory faculty meetings in January and June.

Appointment to NIP Supervisory Staff

In order to be appointed to NIP supervisory staff, candidates must complete NIP's Supervisory Training Program and have graduated from their psychoanalytic training programs three years prior to becoming an NIP supervisor.

Prospective candidates must also undergo a minimum of 2 interviews with members of the Training Committee.  The results of these interviews, along with recommendations from the co-directors of STP and STP individual and group supervisors, are discussed and determinations are made at a Training Committee meeting.  The interview and selection process begins in the fall and is completed in late winter.