License Qualifying Program in Psychoanalysis & Contemporary Psychotherapy

The License Qualifying Program in Psychoanalysis & Contemporary Psychotherapy (LQP) is geared toward people interested in entering the mental health field or those presently involved in the mental health field who desire a rigorous course of study and clinical training in psychoanalysis and comprehensive psychotherapy. Successful completion of this 5-year program leads to qualification for New York State licensure application in psychoanalysis as well as a certificate in psychoanalysis and comprehensive psychotherapy from NIP.  

The preliminary year of the License Qualifying Program in Psychoanalysis & Contemporary Psychotherapy introduces candidates to the world of psychoanalysis. Through readings, case presentations, and group discussions, candidates will begin to examine the evolution of the field and how the goals of treatment have been shaped and re-shaped over time.

In a parallel fashion, candidates are encouraged to examine their own evolution resulting in the decision to pursue a career in psychoanalysis. As they begin working with patients, preliminary year candidates will learn about the development and maintenance of the analytic relationship, beginning with initial contact, and early phases of treatment. Through supervision and seminars, they will learn to reflect deeply on their role as beginning analysts.

This is a 5 year program, comprised of a preliminary year and 4 years in the Adult Training Program in Psychoanalysis and Comprehensive Psychotherapy, which candidates may apply for in the spring of their preliminary year. Admission to the preliminary year of the LQP does not guarantee admission to the Adult Training Program, for which there is a separate admissions process. 

In the preliminary year, classes are held on Tuesday evenings, from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm.