Candidates in the first year are assigned both individual and group supervisors. Beginning in the second year, candidates are able to choose their own individual and group supervisors, although the composition of the group itself is determined by the co-directors of supervision.

2014.2015 Supervisors

Rose Kavo, PhD, LCSW
Janet Kelly, LCSW
Steve Kuchuck, LCSW
Sharyn Leff, LCSW
Lisa Lyons, LCSW
Carol Martino, LCSW
Cynthia Medalie, LCSW
Eric Mendelsohn, PhD
Erika Nagy, MSEd, LCSW
Susan Obrecht, LCSW
Valerie Oltarsh-McCarthy, LCSW, MPH
Carol Perlman, LCSW
Ron Puddu, LCSW
Evelyn Rappaport, PsyD
Andrea Remez, PhD
Mark Roberts, LCSW
Barbara Robinson, LCSW
Sheila Ronsen, LCSW
Roger Rosenthal, MA, MSW
Merrill Schneiderman, LCSW
Joyce Selter, LCSW
Dan Shaw, LCSW
Eric Sherman, LCSW
Caryn Sherman-Meyer, LCSW
Marc Sholes, LCSW
Neil Skolnick, PhD
Bonnie Zindel, LCSW

Judy Adkins, LCSW
Deborah Agrest, LCSW
Jillen Axelrod, PhD
Graham Bass, MA, APRN, LP
Bonnie Beck, LCSW
Bill Behr, LCSW
Janice Bennett, PhD
Monica Bernheim, LCSW, BCD
Margaret Black, LCSW
Ofra Bloch, LCSW
Gail Bodzin, LCSW
David Brand, PhD
Lisa Cataldo, MDiv, PhD
Jill Choder-Goldman, LCSW
Janine de Peyer, LCSW
Alan Dolber, PhD
Pam Feldman, LCSW
April Feldman Turner, LCSW
Chuck Finlon, LCSW
Ellen Fries, LCSW
Janet Goldmark, LCSW
Ken Greenwald, LCSW
Hillary Grill, LCSW
Robert Grossmark, PhD
Ruth Gruenthal, LCSW
Gary Hayes, PhD
Sheldon Itzkowitz, PhD, ABPP
Peter Kaufmann, PhD