Candidates are assigned an advisor in their first year, and work with this same advisor for all four years of the program.  The advisor works with the candidate to discuss and plan the candidate's specific ongoing training needs, and is the liaison for any training issues that the candidate may have that require special consideration from program administration, including leaves of absence, training extensions, financial assistance requests, and other personal circumstances that may impact a candidate's training.

2014.2015 Advisors

Jillen Axelrod, PhD
Gale Bayer, LCSW
David Brand, PhD
Jill Choder-Goldman, LCSW
Janine de Peyer, LCSW
Chuck Finlon, LCSW
Ellen Fries, LCSW
Hillary Grill, LCSW
Steve Kuchuck, LCSW
Mary Ellen McMahon, LCSW
Cynthia Medalie, LCSW
Eric Mendelsohn, PhD
Carol Perlman, LCSW
Andrea Remez, PhD
Merrill Schneiderman, LCSW
Joyce Selter, LCSW
Marc Sholes, LCSW
Caryn Sherman-Meyer, LCSW
Bonnie Zindel, LCSW