This program includes two courses which run over both the fall and spring semesters. The courses provide a solid psychoanalytically-informed framework in which to understand and work with patients. Integration of theory and its application is emphasized. Courses are designed to begin to integrate psychoanalytic theory and concepts in practice, enhance clinical skill, and teach clinical techniques tailored to meet practice needs.

Introduction to Psychoanalytic Thought
Traces the development of specific psychoanalytic theories, including classical, object relations, self psychology, and relational perspectives. Emphasis will be placed on its historical and theoretical evolution. Case presentations will be used.

Clinical Practice Applications
Focuses on the application of key psychoanalytic concepts, helping the professional formulate psychodynamically-informed interventions in practice. Emphasis will be placed on developing techniques tailored to meet the clinical needs of the professional working with specific populations. Case presentations are used in this course.