The requirements of this program include a personal analysis, the conduct of psychoanalytic treatment in consultation with faculty members and coursework over a span of four years. The core of the program involves comprehensive training (didactic and practical) in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Candidates will acquire a background that includes traditional psychoanalytic theory, self psychology, object relations theory, interpersonal psychoanalysis, contemporary relational theory and intersubjectivity.

Individual Consultations.  In order to best integrate the complex concepts taught in seminars into your clinical work, candidates work with constultants, who are psychoanalysts approved by and affiliated with NTP.  In most cases, consultation is conducted via telephone; candidates are encouraged to meet with their consultant in person when attending training weekends in New York.  One individual consultation hour is required each week for a minimum of 40 sessions per year for 3 of the 4 years of training.  Two hours per week will be required for a minimum of one year to accumulate the required 200 hours needed for certification.  Candidates must work with at least 3 different consulting analysts during the course of their candidacy in the program.  It is recommended that all candidates have access to a consultant in their respective states/countries who are informed regarding laws that govern practice int heir individual locales, especially for the management of high risk patients. 

Personal Psychoanalysis.  A personal psychoanalysis is required of all candidates. Candidates must be in treatment a minimum of two times per week beginning with the first semester of training and continuing through graduation. The candidate's personal analyst must be a graduate for at least five years of a postgraduate psychoanalytic training program or its equivalent AND be approved by the NTP Training Committee. In the event that an appropriate training analyst cannot be found in the candidate's local area, the NTP Training Committee will make alternative arrangements.