First Trimester: Attachment and Child Development I

 The first trimester will provide a solid foundation in child development and attachment from birth through adolescence. Participants will learn to apply and integrate key concepts from relational and development theories including object relations, attachment theory and the different attachment styles as well as contemporary infant research.

 Second Trimester: Child Development II and Introduction to Trauma

 In the first half of this trimester will build on the knowledge of child development, focusing on the theory of play and the importance of child led play therapy in addition to ways to engage school age children and youth in therapy. Participants will gain an understanding of transference and countertransference with the families they work with as well as resolving impasses in treatment. Participants will also gain useful techniques to work with caregivers.

 The second half of this trimester will begin to introduce participants to the foundational underpinnings of trauma and enrich participants with a deeper understanding of the ways in which trauma impacts child development, neurobiology, attachment, the family and family dynamics as well as the many ways that trauma can show up in the therapy room. It aims to begin to empower participants to dare to bring the trauma into the therapy room.

 Third Trimester: An Introduction to trauma treatments

 In the final trimester participants will learn about various trauma treatments that are designed to expand the children’s window of tolerance and heal the attachment ruptures that result from exposure to trauma as well as give participants usable and transferable skills to bring back to their therapy offices and clients.