As an NIP Psychology Intern, responsibilities include:

  • conducting telephone and live intake interviews

  • seeing up to 10 patients (depending on patient availability)

  • attending a weekly 2.5 hour lecture series and weekly case seminar (along with social work interns and psychology externs)

  • attending a weekly 1.5 hour group supervision

  • attending once weekly individual supervision

NIP Psychology Internships are a paid, two year, 20 hour per week commitment.  Interns receive $200 weekly, vacation after 6 months, and student rates for all NIP programs.

Admission Requirements

This program is open only to those who are currently enrolled in a psychology PhD or PsyD program.

  • Interview (please contact Arline Fireman at (212)866-5290 to schedule)

  • References – a minimum of 2 references are required

  • College transcripts

  • Please do not submit any additional personal documentation unless requested.