The NIP Externship Program provides externs with a rich multi-faceted experience working deeply with patients under  excellent supervision.  Some externs elect to stay on for an additional year to extend their clinical work with their patients.  The program includes:

Clinical Work

Externs at NIP treat adult patients in an outpatient mental health facility.


  • At least one supervisory session per week with an experienced psychoanalyst.
  • A second supervisory session with a different supervisor may be given if the extern treats more than three psychotherapy patients per week.
  • Weekly group supervision with Dr. Axelrod.

Case Conferences

Different senior analysts lead case conferences each week at the NIP Training Institute with case material presented by externs and social work interns.


Externs attend about 20 seminars per academic year on a wide range of topics. Seminars are led by members of the NIP community as well as by analysts from other analytic training institutes.

Psychoanalytic Perspectives

Most externship supervisors tend to hold Relational and British Object-Relations perspectives, though none are ideologically rigid.

Extra-curricular: Externs also have access to NIP educational programs including:

  • Continuing education workshops
  • NIPPA Focus seminars
  • NIP annual conferences
  • All other NIP educational programs

To apply, please send a cover letter, current CV, and three letters of recommendation to:

Jillen Axelrod, PhD
96 Fifth Avenue, #1D
New York, NY 10011